How we can help you to learn Russian?

Imagine you found everything you need to learn Russian in ONE place. We design our studying content with YOU in mind, to make it easy for you to study Russian by yourself with the maximum results and minimum effort.

Starting From Scratch

“I am starting to learn Russian from scratch by myself and just don’t know where to start. There is too much fragmented controversial stuff on the Internet.”

That's me!

Get More Practice

 “I already have a certain level of Russian, but I need to concentrate on improving some particular skills like listening comprehension, brush up some aspects of Russian Grammar etc.”

Yes please!

Lack of Studying Materials

“I wish I could easily find quality studying materials like exercises, tests, audios and videos, texts to read, etc. without too much searching on the web.”

That's right!

Our Courses

Enjoy classroom quality learning with the flexibility of studying at home. We don't promise any magic, but with our proven teaching system built on an authentic language content and your motivation together we can reach incredible results!

Perfect Your Russian With Vladimir Putin

Skyrocket your Russian listening and vocabulary skills through authentic speeches and interviews of the most powerful man in the world!

Unlock Your Ability To Perfect Russian Pronunciation

Learn to read Cyrillic fluently and pronounce all Russian sounds with right intonation like a pro in no time.

Start Speaking Russian in Three Months

A step-by-step ultimate course which will take you from zero level to the ability to read and speak fluent Russian in less than 3 months!

What is Inside Our Courses?

Grammar In A Natural Way

In-depth, clear, step-by-step instructions on the mechanics of the Russian language and its inner logic that you can make active use of immediately.

Clear Structure And Course Outline

Digestible, detailed, and memorable presentations of the learning objectives supported by the authentic language examples and engaging exercises.

Video Explanations and Live Sessions

Live sessions with a professional teacher will give you an opportunity to ask questions, use your knowledge in real life conversations, and explore the nuances. Records will always be available, so you can be sure you will never miss anything important.

Learn From Anywhere

Learn effectively without losing the impact of being in a classroom environment. Study Russian from anywhere, as though you are really in Russia.

Visible Progress and Guaranteed Results

The courses are thoroughly tested and the study materials and methodology are polished to be used to their highest potential in self-study, online mode. You will see your Russian improving day by day!

Unique Learning Environment And Vibrant Community

Become a member of an active classroom community in closed, course-related social media platforms, to share and exchange your learning experiences and get additional support and help.

Quality Teaching Matters

Russian Learning Made Possible

Speaking fluent Russian could seem an unreal dream, right?

Всем привет! Меня зовут Ирина!
I am here to help you to learn Russian in most effective and encouraging way!
I have a PhD in teaching Russian as a foreign language and more than 10 years of hands-on instruction experience with students all over the world. I possess the knowledge but most importantly - the PASSION for developing effective learning strategy to make you feel inspired and motivated while studying Russian and, at the same time, to help you in building a REAL solid foundation for the language.
I don't promise you any magic or completely effortless solutions. But I can guarantee that my method and your motivation can lead us to success! For me, a big part of my job is inspiring others to teach themselves languages. Whether that be in a lesson with me when I’m in your home, a class on Skype or when I’m miles from you, I want you to know that it’s possible for you to learn speaking Russian.

So stay a while, put your feet up, take a look around, enjoy!

Irina Sapegina - Your Russian Teacher

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