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How to say “GOOD” in Russian in 5 Different Ways

Learn how to say that something is good in Russian using appropriate words and phrases in different contexts (other than just “хорошо”, “хороший”) Ok, even if you are a complete
Russian Easter Vocabulary
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Easter in Russia and all the Related Vocabulary You Should Know

Easter in Russia [pdf Vocabulary List inside] Easter in Russia (Па́сха) is even more important than Christmas, it’s the major religious celebration of the year.  Faithful and atheists, kids and
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Learn Space Words in Russian

Shouldn't all good boys dream of piloting a rocket to the stars and becoming a cosmonaut? At least they did in USSR after the triumphal success of the Soviet space program and the
Learning Russian Language Tips

Top 3 Worst Tips On Learning Russian for Beginners You Ever Recieve

There’s no one right method to learn a language. However, there are some that are really wrong. When making your first steps in Russian you probably began with browsing some
Posted on April 3, 2017
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Russian Maslenitsa Vocabulary

Привет, друзья! Сегодня первый день Масленицы. А вы знаете этот русский праздник? Today is the first day of Russian Maslenitsa, or Crepe/Butter Week. Do you know this Russian holiday? С
Russian Homographs

Little Tricks of Russian Homographs

 The common knowledge about the Russian Language is that its Grammar is very complicated. Well, it can be even more confusing when running across homographs – the words that have

How Polite Are You? Russian Polite Formulas Quiz

Do you know when to use за здоровье or на здоровье in Russian? When to use ВЫ-form or where ТЫ-form works fine? This simple but info-packed quiz will help you to
russian prepositional case

Russian Prepositional Case Flashcards

Russian Prepositional Case is believed to be one of the easiest among Russian cases, however… The usage of the prepositions can be tricky. Do you want to use correct prepositions