Little Tricks of Russian Homographs

 The common knowledge about the Russian Language is that its Grammar is very complicated. Well, it can be even more confusing when running across homographs – the words that have the same spelling but a different sound (and in Russian very often – a different word stress) and a different meaning.

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This is a funny wordplay based on 2 homographs:

маши́ны – Genetive singular of маши́на (car)
Ма́шины – Plural possessive adjective (
Ма́ша-ма́шины, some things that belong to Masha).

Let us have a look at some other examples:

У Ма́ши нет маши́ны. А У Ната́ши есть. Вот её маши́на.
Masha doesn’t have a car, but Natasha does. Here’s her car.

– Это чья маши́на, Ма́шина?
– Whose car is it, Masha’s?

– Нет, Ната́шина. У Ма́ши кра́сная.
– No, Natasha’s. Masha’s is the red one.

Possessive adjectives are quite common in both colloquial speech and literary language and can always be replaced with a regular genitive construction of the noun (Ма́шина маши́на=маши́на Ма́ши(Genetive of Ма́ша).

Possessive adjectives are formed by adding a suffix to a noun.

Masculine noun with soft ending=>> suffix -ЕВ
Masculine noun with hard ending=>> suffix -ОВ
Feminine nouns and masculine nouns with -а, -я ending =>>suffix -ИН

Thing possessed



Possesive Adjective


ДОМ (masculine) Андрей -ев Андре́ев дом Andrei’s house
Анто́н -ов Антонов дом Anton’s house
па́па -ин па́пин дом father’s house
Ма́ша -ин Ма́шин дом Masha’s house

As a normal adjective, in their declension possessive adjectives in Russian change by Gender, Case, and Number.

Defined word Noun Suffix Possesive Adjective English
кварти́ра (feminine) Андрей -ев Андре́евА квартира Andrei’s flat
Анто́н -ов АнтоновА квартира Anton’s flat
па́па ин па́пинА квартира father’s flat
Ма́ша -ин Ма́шинА квартира Masha’s flat

And for neutral:

Defined word Noun Suffix Possesive Adjective English
пальто́ (neutral) Андрей ев Андре́евО пальто Andrei’s coat
Анто́н -ов АнтоновО пальто Anton’s coat
па́па -ин па́пинО пальто father’s coat
Ма́ша -ин Ма́шинО пальто Masha’s coat

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